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Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 DVD

too anxious~!
keep checking my mail
but still no reply yet
from the person.

i hv decided to buy the "Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 DVD"
fr Amazon.jp and share the delivery cost
with some1 else.

hopefully, i had make a rite decision
praying tat everythinks wil go on smoothly..

too excited~!!!
mind just abt their DVD

the only Arashi concert i have was
their "1st Suppin' Arashi" concert vcd
i bought it yearsss ago.
and it was those distributed outside Japan only

for now, shd b solely distributed in japan
and wil b count in Oricon chart.
Their 10th years anniversary concert.
i must have it~! =p

count down to release date, 7 April 2010


《HD》嵐/Troublemaker Mステ ライブ 10.03.05

嵐 - Utaban Troublemaker トラブルメーカー [10.03.02]

Loving it too much~!


while looking for flumpool
latest song ~ 残像

surprisingly, i came across 大場唯-san self performance
which was uploaded to Youtube.

he's too impressive~! awesome~!
good vocal and great keyboard skill

here are some of vids he has uploaded:-

and lots more to be found @ Youtube...


Music Station 1000 SP

Sorry for not updating regularly..
Sorry my dear boys
i have beeen sooooooo busy @ work

Yeah~! I love their Latest performance
at Music Station 12.02.2010

it's awesome
it's make me happpy
I m in love with it~!!!!

at tat moment, it has eased all my
unhappy & worries and make me Happpy~!
hehehe... =)

and also Kat-TUn

for any1 who interested to have such a great performance
may download @ beyond horizon site. In great quality!
Music Station 1000 SP

In Love with "Troublemaker" =)
to be released on 3 Mar 2010!

anxiously waiting for the official PV!

Last but not least...
hApPy cHinEse New yEar &
HaPpy vAlentIne Day 2010~!

farewell to ox year and welcoming tiger year
hopefully will b great one.

Jan. 5th, 2010

i m too busy wif my work
i have no time for any updates
i m real flooded w/ papers and work

thousands of things waiting for me......
i presumed i will hv to cont. w/ my self-voluntarily OT
throughout the week again.

kinda depressed~! =(


Johnny's Countdown Concert ~ Arashi as MC

I'm surprised to know that..
tis yr.."Arashi" gona b MC again
for Johnny's Countdown 2009-2010~!!!
[Thurs 12/31 23:45 - 24:45 FUJI Johnny's Countdown Concert]
Credits to: ArashiNino

*but i may miss it. i may mit frenz for countdown.
Hopefully there will b some kind soul uploading it.
*pray hard*

Before Johnny's Countdown 2009-2010 starts..
it was 4hrs of [第60回NHK紅白歌合戦]
Thurs 12/31 19:15 - 23:45 NHK, BS2, BS hi 「第60回NHK紅白歌合戦」

now my problem of dl/play torrent files solved.
i'm glad miya intro me kinda good torrent application
"µTorrent" now i'm allow to dl/play torrent files.
but the dl speed was slow.

Anyway, hoping some1 wil upload 60th Kouhaku to
either @ D-addicts or jpopsuki
so tt i cn dl @ "µTorrent". den i can watch it.
since i'm unable to watch it @ Keyhole TV

But i will appreciated if some1 wil share it
@ their site too. greedy me~! =)

Tonight Arashi performance was great~!
Awesome! thought Keyhole TV kinda lag
super blur screen but managed watched little.

well..alot kind fans around.
ArashiNino oreadi uploaded the DL Link
some1 had oso uploaded clear video clip @ Youtube.
Arigato gozaimasu~! beta watch it now b4 it removed. haha..

Credits to:mmaturi897

but i m kinda stupid too.
i had mixed up the timing.
kp assuming tt MS start @ 7pm (sg timing)
apparently, it start @ 6pm (sg timing) instead.
so when i tune in @ 7pm
i m already late for 1hr. wahahahahz~!
how silly m i. =S

i m extremely hungry NOW~!!

hO hO hO...

hO hO hO...mErRy cHriStMas 2009 &
hApPy nEw YeAr 2010 tO eVeRyoNe =)
esp our dear boys... hee hee...

i nid motivation for diet.
haa haa........
2009 resolution?

Cant wait to watch SuperLive MusicStation
tonight~! hahaha...

Anyway, Arashi TV schedule has been updated.

source: Johnny's net-Arashi

My instinct telling me tat Kinki kids ~ J Album is goood~!
I like J album cover a lot. it's beautiful.
but tis was Normal edition de. hahahaz...

(i know i m random) haa haa~!
First of all..
I would like to wish.....

May all his dreams come true.
Love u & Arashi so much. =)

Arashi all round him....

Click on the pic for bigger view.

Again..Again..i m wonder..
how's rest of the mbrs gona celebrate Aiba-chan bdae.
Wat he wil rec'd fr rest of the mbrs? hee...

Credits to: ArashiNino
TV Life 19th Annual Drama Awards..
Tis yr there are 7 awards up for grab...
1) Best Picture (Award)
2) Best Actor
3) Best Actress
4) Best Supporting Actor
5) Best Supporting Actress
6) Best Newcomer
7) Theme song

Following lists was in e normination too......
1) Uta no Onnisan 『歌のおにいさん』 by Riida
2) Smile 『スマイル』 by Jun
3) The Quiz Show 『ザ・クイズショウ』by Sho and
4) My Girl『マイガール』by Aiba

for theme songs award which oso includes
Ashita no Kioku, Kumori Nochi, Kasei & My Girl.

i realllly hope...theme song awards wil goes to Arashi
how abt... "Ashita no Kioku"? bias*

regardless who rec'd the Best Actor i wil b happy.
Hard to decide. All of them were equally gOod =D

Long awaited Fri.......
12/25 19:00 - 23:10 TV ASAHI [Music Station SP SUPERLIVE 2009]
Cant wait to c Arashi performing Believe & Everythink. =)
I hope i can watch it~! God bless me~!!!

Today i m on-leave. No work. =)
hee hee...again~ 4days of resting...

Oricon Sales Rankings 2009

All infro stated below from ArashiNino, Oricon News
Oricon Full List Rankings 2009 Yearly

Last yr Arashi sweep #1-Truth & #2-One Love for 2008 sales ranking.

However, tis year Arashi was top selling artist of the year.
They had top for #1 single, the #1 album, the #1 music DVD, and
were #1 for the first time in artist total sales.

In the 42 years of Oricon's history, no one else has topped all four
categories in the same year.

Counting sales of singles, albums, music DVDs, and music Blu-ray Discs,
Arashi grossed a total of more than 14.46 billion yen. At #2 this year was EXILE,
who topped the list in 2008 with 19.58 billion yen in total sales.

In single sales, Arashi had the #1, #2, #3, and #5 releases, with
"Believe / Kumori Nochi, Kaisei" in front at nearly 657,000 units sold.
The only other artists to occupy the top three spots were Pink Lady in 1978 and
Hikaru Genji in 1988. Arashi are the first to have four of the top five,
as well as the first to hold the top two spots in back-to-back years.

Their "All the BEST! 1999-2009" album sold over 1.43 million copies. In DVD sales,
they were #1 and #2 with "5x10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009" (591,000) and
"ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 in TOKYO" (428,000).

SUGOII~! I feels so proud for them.
They had even beta achievement for tis yr.
Ometedo Gozaimasu~!!!! =)

Oricon 2009 Yearly Singles Rankings

Oricon 2009 Yearly Album Rankings

Oricon 2009 Top 5 Artist Total Sales AST Rankings